Why are Invertebrates Hard to Keep in an Aquarium? Aquarium Maintenance Tips

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If you have your own fish tank and have tried with invertebrates you’ll know they are hard to keep in an aquarium.

The key reason for the difficulty with invertebrates tends to be due to tap water, because they’re extremely sensitive to copper. Sometimes in a new house or a new kitchen or bathroom construction all new copper piping is put in. If you don’t run the water long enough, some of that copper will get into the tap water, which the invertebrates cannot tolerate.

Also, some food manufacturers have put copper into their foods, because certain fish do need it in their diet, but unfortunately the uneaten food goes to the bottom, where the invertebrates most of which are scavengers, eat it and the copper then builds up in their bodies and kills them.

Many food companies say that it’s needed and necessary and it’s not enough to hurt the invertebrates.  However I actually dealt with a major frozen food manufacturer, who pulled together a team of scientists after I told the owner I’d stop buying their food, because of the copper it contained. They ran hundreds of tests and they found the copper was getting too high for the invertebrates and it was killing them. They changed their formula. Success!

So bear that in mind…if your pipes are copper and new that may be part of the problem and the food itself may be a challenge.

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Visit this page to read “How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean and Healthy – Our Top 10 Pro Tips”


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