Why Are Decorations Important?

Have you ever wondered why we use rocks, plants, and coral in tanks?

Driftwood, rock, and synthetic plants and corals offer you a lovely aquascape. These things are more than just aesthetics, though- they offer your fishy friends an important benefit – shelter. In the natural environment, fish have places that offer them protection. Baby fish can hide from predators, and smaller fish can hide from their more aggressive tank mates when they are provided with ample spaces to hide. Keeping stress levels to a minimum can help your swimming buddies live a long, healthy life.

Tank decorations can also be used to hide unsightly tank plumbing; we use tall plants, corals, and rocks to disguise plumbing pipes, in-tank filtration, and heaters. This gives your tank a more natural, pleasing design.

With our years of experience, as well our constant desire to remain educated in all things aquarium-related, we can provide thoughtful, innovative ideas for your aquariums. From large synthetic coral, to rock walls; from natural-looking plants to out-of-the-ordinary decorations, we can help you have the tank of your dreams.




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