Get the Custom Fish Tank You Want and Love!

Visit this page to read “How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean and Healthy – Our Top 10 Pro Tips”

As the local custom fish tank experts, we get inquiries asking us how to get started with a new custom aquarium.

Well there is a lot to think about such as location, size of the fish tank, tank material, aquarium fish compatibility, accessibility, ease of cleaning etc.

Given the complexity, a good way to do it would be to talk to a professional like Fish Works and take advantage of our free consultation for your home or office. That way you will know you have all the bases covered.  No pressure to use us … but naturally we hope you will.

Here are some of the areas we will cover:

We talk to you about your goals. Whether you want to have a fresh water or salt water aquarium and just how big you want it to be.

We will look at the space you’re thinking about putting the tank. Most of the time the location is fine but sometimes there are things that probably aren’t going to work such as being too close to the TV, blocking a window or there’s no accessible electrical outlet.

We discuss glass or acrylic. For smaller tanks we will generally recommend glass tanks, since they’re standard and aren’t going to cost crazy amounts of money. If it’s a larger tank, we recommend going with acrylic. Acrylic is fused together and that’s important as you don’t want to run the risk of any of the seams coming apart. Acrylic is also stronger because it’s slightly malleable. It gives a little bit, whereas glass is rigid and is less able to withstand stress.

Acrylic is also a better insulator, so you have less temperature fluctuations which can affect the tank ecosystem. The density of the acrylic is also closer to that of water, so you get a better view with less distortion through acrylic than you would through glass.  Lots to think about and that’s just the tank material.

We’ll then put together a quote based on what we  discussed and we’ll get working if you like what you see..

We do everything from small, standard 10 gallon tanks to custom tanks with hundreds of gallons. Everybody’s a little different in what they need so one size does not fit all.  Ultimately we create the perfect aquarium based on what you want.

We also specialize in aquarium maintenance which takes all that work off your hands while making your aquarium look beautiful.

Visit this page to read “How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean and Healthy – Our Top 10 Pro Tips”


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