Fish Tank Feeding Frenzy – Aquarium Maintenance Tips

Look what happened as we were going about our aquarium maintenance services for a client in Framingham last week.

After we had cleaned the fish tank we began to feed the fish and all of a sudden the crazy carnivorous cichlids pounced on the food as if it were their last meal. It was fun to watch but then just as quickly as it started it all stopped and everything returned to normal as everyone had eaten their fill.  Calm was restored to the tank.

One of the best ways of cleaning a fish tank is to prevent it getting too dirty between cleanings. If you give them too much food, a lot won’t get eaten which means the tank floor gets dirtier faster. So do not over feed your fish, as their stomach’s are about the size of their eyeball. Drop the food in slowly and spread it out so more fish can reach it.

This is a 75 gallon saltwater aquarium which we have been maintaining for 2 years.  This tank has a wide variety of fish such as x, y, z all chosen to be compatible with each other.  The biggest issue we have had is long/short hair algae but we put in some algae eating fish that made a meal out of it and the tank is nice and clear.

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