Aquarium Fish Maintenance: What about fish compatibility in the fish tank?

Visit this page to read “How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean and Healthy – Our Top 10 Pro Tips”

Aquarium fish compatibility is an important topic if you want a happy fish tank stocked with fish.

The bottom line is that many fish can’t be kept together.  You should select fish that are compatible, have comparable water chemistry & temperature requirements and exhibit like behavior.  There are broadly 5 groups:

  1. African Cichlids: Colorful, active and easy to care for but aggressive and need good rock structures to have their own territories.
  2. South American Cichlids: Personable, active and easy to care for. They’re less aggressive than their African cousins.
  3. Goldfish: Many varieties with beautiful, flowing fins. However they are good only with other goldfish due to their diet & temperature requirements which vary greatly from other types of fish.
  4. Tropical Fish: Very colorful and active. This group gives you the widest variety of fish to pick from and some do best in pairs, some in three’s and others in larger groups.
  5. Semi-Aggressive Tropical fish: Very colorful and active but tend to bully smaller tank mates, so make sure they are all similar in size.

Your best plan is to check with your local expert – like us. Fish Works provides aquarium fish recommendations to our aquarium maintenance clients based on a number of factors including compatibility.

We can help you chose the best aquarium fish for your tank.  We can also keep it cklean and healthy relieving you of all that hard work.

Visit this page to read “How to Keep Your Aquarium Clean and Healthy – Our Top 10 Pro Tips”


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